Torrid Souls

We are Tori and Soul, a passionately married same-sex female bisexual couple.  We’ve been together for over a decade yet just recently married. We explore the sexually social and adventurous swinging lifestyle as lovers, and like you, are navigating kids, work, all the normal things of life. 
The Torrid Souls podcast is for couples who are deeply in love with each other and want to explore more ways of being sexually open, using ethical non-monogamy to enhance their relationship. Couples curiously considering the swinging lifestyle as well as those completely comfortable in it, can enjoy how we navigate being sexy with each other and sometimes with others.  Sometimes it’s mind-blowing and sometimes not.  Regardless of what happens we always have a good time or it makes for a good story.  (And sometimes it’s both.)  Since joining the lifestyle we are better and stronger, individually, and as a couple.
We were gifted the name Torrid Souls on vacation at Desire Resorts in Cancun and we loved the compilation that was based on our names, Tori and Soul.  Torrid means full of passion or highly charged emotions arising from sexual love.  Soul is the essence of a human being. Together these words represent us individually and as a couple.  Our intention is to inspire other couples to get to know themselves even more, feel more passion, and live a sexier more connected life. 
We love people and we love to try new and different things.  Use our experiences to ignite your own curiosity and perhaps encourage you to open your mind (and your legs) just a wee bit wider. 
Be inspired to open up to your own torrid soul.




Welcome to the Torrid Souls Podcast Let our smexy lifestyle conversations open your minds (and your legs) a wee bit wider! Passionate to the Core of our Being. We believe we are all on the planet...

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January 3, 2020

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by high expectations for an upcoming event that you worry you’re setting yourself up for a big let-down? Wondering if you’ve exceeded a healthy dose of anticipation, excitement and longing for your annual vacation? Join us with Tori and Soul, married same sex female couple who are bisexual swingers, and hosts of their own podcast, Torrid Souls, as we find out if the highly anticipated Bliss Cruise was everything they dreamed it would be.