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You've joined The Hedonism Show with Carol and David broadcasting live from the world's most ICONIC adult playground Hedonism II on Negril Beach in Jamaica. Our show is here to help you acheive better -- better love, better sex, and a better, more intimate relationship. Are you ready? Take note and send us your questions.

On Location

On the Hedonism Show, hosts Carol and David broadcast on location from Hedonism II Resort on Negril Beach in Jamaica where they share their insight into the world of open-minded, sex positive couples who want to push their boundaries, explore their limits and experience everything that Hedonism II has to offer.

Reconnect with your Partner

Being on vacation together is an amazing way to reconnect with your partner. Being surrounded by couples in love and in the mood, gets you in the mood too. So many delicous, juicy stories come out of the nude pool at Hedo II, but stories that stand out the most, are the ones that remind us how liberating it is to be adventurous and willing to expand our horizon to grow as a couple and also as a human being..

Celebrate Life

Celebrating life without shame, guilt or judgement is the Hedo way, a place where you can be you, and no-one will question it.

The last Friday of every month

The Hedonism Show airs on on the last Friday of every month, on The Hedonism Show with Carol and David.


The Hedonism Show with Carol and David

The Hedonism Show with Carol and David

Episode Description: Is a trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica on your bucket list? Have you always wanted to hang out naked but you’re afraid that you’re too shy to give it a try? What about...

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Ladies, are you fed up with receiving the same old box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Would you prefer your man to surprise you this Valentine’s Day with more passion, intimacy and connection, instead? Join us with Kim and Brad Walker from Tantric Hearts, as we find out how to plan and execute the sexiest, most erotic Valentine’s weekend you will ever experience. Get ready to be inspired and take notes!

The Hedonism Show - A Sexy and Erotic Valentines Day with Tantric Hearts - January 31, 2020


Are you curious about how people explore alternative lifestyles and become swingers or nudists (or both) and discover how similar and yet different these lifestyles actually are? Join us, broadcasting on location at Hedonism II in Jamaica, as we chat with two very interesting guest couples as they share their stories and experiences about their transitions into becoming swingers and nudists. We follow their journey of self-exploration, self-respect and self-love, not to mention great communication with their partners. We even get find out what happens when a Mom runs into her daughter at a local swinger’s club.

The Hedonism Show - Swingers and Nudists Share Their Sexy Stories - December 27, 2019


If you want to “Be Wicked for a Week”, there’s no other place sexier than Hedonism II Resort in Jamaica. Spend a non-judgmental vacation week exploring boundaries, pushing limits, fulfilling fantasies, tasting tantric sex, or simply reconnecting with your partner, in an exotic and erotic tropical paradise, that’s clothing optional. Join us with owner and CEO Harry Lange, as well as two other key members of the Hedo Team, RandyMon and Michelle, as we chat about what makes Hedo II the most iconic adult playground in the world where you can be as mild or as wild as you like.

The Hedonism Show - The Sexiest Place on Earth - November 27, 2019


Is a trip to Hedonism II in Jamaica on your bucket list? Have you always wanted to hang out naked but you’re afraid that you’re too shy to give it a try? What about exploring your sexual boundaries in a place where open-minded consensual exploration and non-monogamy is encouraged. Join us with two very special newbie couples who had some of those same doubts and fears, but they decided to try it… and they loved it! They share their journeys into the unknown and recount how they handled their first days at the world’s most iconic adult playground and how they have come back for more... More great fun. More great people. And lots more great sex.

The Hedonism Show - First Timers at Hedo II - October 25th, 2019


Do you ever wonder how some couples seem to be having all the fun and enjoying life to the max -- at home, at work, at play, and especially on vacation? If you want to find out how you can add more pleasure to your life, then join us with Kim and Brad from Tantric Hearts in a sizzling hot discussion about how to explore your needs and desires to maximize your sensual and sexual pleasure.

The Hedonism Show - Pursuit of Pleasure with Tantric Hearts - September 27th, 2019


Do you ever wonder why Hedonism is one of the most searched words on the internet? Could it be because Hedonism is all about the pursuit of pleasure – especially pleasure of the senses. If you are looking for ways to reconnect with your partner through the pursuit of playful passionate pleasure, then join us with Harry Lange, Owner and CEO of Hedonism II Resort in Negril Beach, Jamaica as he recounts his story about how he saved the resort from being bulldozed down, 6 years ago, and how the resort has transformed beautifully into the most iconic adult playground in the world, where you can be as mild or as wild as you like.

The Hedonism Show - The History with Harry Lange  - August 30th, 2019

Hedonism II Resort

Hedonism II Resort

World's Most Iconic Adult Playground