The Sexy Lifestyle website is an open-minded hub of sexual knowledge, experience, products and services that facilitates the open expression and discovery of sexuality in all its forms. Through our collection of diverse sexual knowledge, products and businesses, we provide an open forum to listen, discuss, engage and learn from real sex educators with real information, advice and tools. Our platform will help you spice up your sex life and live happy healthy and horny.

The Sexy Lifestyle is where the fragmented pieces of our sexual knowledge can join to create a full picture of human sexuality. Through shared ideas, experiences, expertise, supportive products, resources and communities, our uncensored platform encourages a healthy sex life. Our site is open-minded, compassionate and safe so you can learn more about sex and sexuality and feel comfortable in the process. We embrace the many ways that sexuality expresses itself. We invite you to begin the sex life you desire and reach your full sexual potential.

The Sexy Lifestyle website is like three sites in one:

Listen to entertaining and open discussions about all facets of sex via a schedule of diverse shows hosted by sexologists, sex educators and industry professionals.

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Learn about sex and sexuality from a wide array of knowledgeable contributors and online content and gain access to practicing sexologists and sex educators

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Create your own sexy lifestyle by exploring products and engaging communities and services related to living sexy.

If you are looking to enrich your relationships and develop a more fulfilling sex life, you finally have a safe hub of information to access. The Sexy Lifestyle provides the tools you need to form a compassionate sexual evolution to love and live happy, healthy and horny. Great sex matters and we all deserve it!

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I am Woman Hear me Roar - 7 Reasons for Loud Sex

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Why Sex Health Tips Are So Important

Why Sex Health Tips Are So Important

The foundation of The Sexy Lifestyle is opening our minds to new ideas and experiences. Important sex health tips allow us to continue--or even begin—our developing sex education. It can open...

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LIVE Video: Why Are People in the Swinger Lifestyle? | Sex Uninterrupted

LIVE Video: Why Are People in the Swinger Lifestyle? | Sex Uninterrupted

I asked the question "What attracted you to the Swinger Lifestyle? / Why did you decided to explore the Swinger Lifestyle & non-monogamy?" and talk about the answers I received! © SU...

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LIVE Video: What You Want to Know About the Swinger Lifestyle

LIVE Video: What You Want to Know About the Swinger Lifestyle

I asked the question "What Do You Wish You Knew More About When You Opened Your Relationship/Started in the Swinger Lifestyle" and talk about the answers I received! © SU Lifestyle Media Inc...

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Business Pages

Explore the Possibilities

The Sexy Lifestyle Business Pages aggregates thousands of products, businesses and services to help you create your own sexy lifestyle so that you can live happy, healthy and horny every day. We make your online search for everything sexy easier and faster than ever before, with direct access to the supplier for the best possible prices.

We condense numerous options into one easy-to-search page—opening you up to businesses and services that allow discovery, experimentation and adventure! You might find a new online shop especially dedicated to same-sex couples, partners with disabilities or aging singles. You may discover an adults-only getaway within your budget, allowing you to rekindle the passion in your relationship. You might even find a community of like-minded people exploring bondage or fetish in a safe, inviting way. The possibilities are endless.

We provide a browsing platform where you can be free to explore and make your own decisions without any pressure or commitment. Our resources connect everything you need to live sexy in a judgment-free zone of experimentation and sexual evolution.

Discover a trustworthy source of businesses that will unleash your healthy sex life, at a pace that best suits your lifestyle.

There’s something out there just for you.


The Sexy Lifestyle Talk Radio Network

Listen, Learn & Live Sexy

Unlike anything you’ll find on the internet, The Sexy Lifestyle Talk Radio Network is the first-ever 24-hour internet talk radio devoted ENTIRELY to sex, sexuality, sexual pleasure and relationships.

The Sexy Lifestyle Talk Radio Network provides the safe, open-minded environment you need to be able to open up and learn more about human sexuality and everything it entails. We’ve gathered sexologists, sex educators and industry professionals to provide entertaining and informative content covering all sorts of topics related to sex and sexuality. You’ll discover more about communication in relationships as well as plenty of sexy tips about enjoying a happy and healthy sex life.

We understand that for many people, simply talking about sex can be intimidating or embarrassing. That’s why our network encourages all our listeners to open up a dialogue about great sex. Great sex matters and we all deserve it. Just like you, our journey is one of discovery. We learn every day from the experiences and advice shared by the show hosts and listeners alike. Whether you tune-in daily or weekly, we invite you to search, explore, discover and evolve into your true sexual self. Through mutual trust and vulnerability, we can all improve our sex lives—enhancing communication in relationships with an openness and candor that we all wish happened more often! Now stop thinking about it!


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Great Sex Academy

Open Your Mind

Trying to find trustworthy resources about sex and sexuality online can take you to a range of websites from the overly-clinical to the overly-pornographic. The Sexy Lifestyle Great Sex Academy gives you ONE resource where you can find everything needed to expand your knowledge of the human sexual experience. Our Academy is a safe and uncensored place to discreetly learn about all aspects of sex, sexuality, sexual pleasure and relationships from a wide variety of expert content contributors, all gathered in one location to share.

You’ll find:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Books
  • Downloadable resources
  • Access to sexologists and industry experts

We believe great sex matters, so we encourage everyone to learn more about sex and sexuality. Begin building a sexual vocabulary that will help you communicate and connect with others on a sexual level. The Great Sex Academy provides the foundation and skill-building tools to support your very own sexual evolution. Take the time to explore and expand your knowledge without ever feeling judged or pressured.

Follow the links below to discover how to start building YOUR sexual vocabulary NOW.


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