Hedonism Show with Carol and David

On the Hedonism Show, hosts Carol and David broadcast on location from Hedonism II Resort on Negril Beach in Jamaica where they share their insight into the world of open-minded, sex positive couples who want to push their boundaries, explore their limits and experience everything that Hedonism II has to offer.

Being on vacation together is an amazing way to reconnect with your partner. Being surrounded by couples in love and in the mood, gets you in the mood too. So many delicous, juicy stories come out of the nude pool at Hedo II, but stories that stand out the most, are the ones that remind us how liberating it is to be adventurous and willing to expand our horizon to grow as a couple and also as a human being..

Celebrating life without shame, guilt or judgement is the Hedo way, a place where you can be you, and no-one will question it.

The Hedonism Show airs on the last Friday of every month, on The Hedonism Show with Carol and David.