Laurel House

Laurel House is a published author, International Celebrity Dating, Relationship, Empowerment, and Performance Coach, expert for, and host of “The Man Whisperer” podcast. She is direct, focused, passionate, strong, and feminine. Her “no games” style screws the rules and focuses on authenticity and truth. Because dating isn’t a game. It’s a strategy. One that requires Communication, which allows for Clarity, creates Confident Vulnerability, and therefore brings on Attraction. Laurel has given her guidance to over 500 TV, Magazine, Newspaper, and Online media outlets including being a dating coach on E!’s “Famously Single,” as well as on Access Hollywood, ABC’s Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, KTLA Morning News, as well as in Vogue, Washington Post, NY Post, Glamour, Vice, AskMen, Huffington Post, Readers Digest, Shape, etc…


Man Whisperer

Man Whisperer

Man Whisperer is demystifying dating, by translating, decoding, revealing, and exposing the secret language, thoughts, feelings, and intentions of men and women. Dating shouldn’t be so...

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April 2, 2019

Do you ever feel inept at communicating your wants, needs and desires with your partner? Perhaps you are speaking two different languages but screaming the same things! That’s where a Man Whisperer comes in. Join us with Celebrity Dating & Relationship Coach, Laurel House, as we discuss how a Man Whisperer can be your translator, your connector, your synthesizer, your usher, your shepherd in dating, love, and life -- to help you establish (or re-establish) an amazingly solid connection with your partner.