Tiffany Yelverton

Tiffany Yelverton is the founder, and Chief Sexinista™ of Entice Me®. Her mission is to change the way sex is talked about and to educate and entice people to have more pleasurable and fulfilling sex lives. Through coaching, workshops, events, keynote speeches, and consultations, Tiffany has helped men and women connect with themselves, and their sexual core to feel sexier in and out of the bedroom.

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August 3, 2017

Have you ever thought about attending a pleasure party -- a sexy-fun outing with your friends -- where you just might discover your next favorite sex toy? "Entice Me Soirees" excel at sharing knowledge and experience and get everyone comfortable talking about sex. Find out how to boost your sexy confidence and your sexy skills while socializing. Join us with Chief Sexinista, Tiffany Yelverton, founder of Entice Me, to get the inside scoop on her pleasure parties, classes, workshops and more.