Tatiana Carrera


Author and educator, Tatiana Carrera, has published several self-help guides including, Oralicious – The Truth About Oral Sex, Intimacy and Passion.

She is an expert in the Art of Enhancing Sexual Intimacy, and her workshops and seminars are aimed at helping couples learn how to actually enjoy the sexual Pleasure Journey, by kissing, incorporating their five senses and finding their erogenous zones in order to achieve explosive orgasms.

Tatiana’s Goal

Tatiana’s goal is to change the mindsets that prevent all of us from truly enjoying our Pleasure Journey. Tatiana currently resides in the Big Apple and sees herself as a pure optimist. Always be hopeful, positive, and accountable for your actions; it does make life less stressful. “Always embrace and be true to thy SELF, and never compromise SELF for the sake of someone who does not value or respect you as a person.”


Oralicious - The Pleasure Journey, Getting Back to Basics

Oralicious - The Pleasure Journey, Getting Back to Basics

News flash! Oral Sex is still taboo in the 21st century, and I find this SHOCKING!!! “We are all born sexual creatures” - As wonderfully stated by Marilyn Monroe. Our bodies are...

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