Sumati Sparks

Sumati Sparks’ first name was given to her by the great living saint, Amma (Mata Amritananda Mayi). Sumati means pure essence. She is a relationship coach with a life PhD! She has a regular meditation practice and a deep spiritual orientation to life and relationships. Yet she highly values a life of love, ease and joy. She has an easy laugh, a compassionate heart and a sharp mind. Sumati has been a personal and spiritual growth junkie her entire life. Her training includes having attended over 40 workshops with the Human Awareness Institute, also known as HAI, is a trained Zegg Forum Facilitator and part of the Network for a New Culture, has studied Non-Violent Communication (or NVC) with Marshall Rosenberg, has been practicing 12-step work in the areas of relationship and addiction since 1985, is a trained PSYCH-K Facilitator (a process used to remove limiting beliefs), has a Yoga & Meditation teacher certification through the Sivananda school, and has studied sacred sexuality with Evalena Rose, Baba Dez and other prominent teachers. Since 2000, she has been coaching people in the areas of relationship and sexuality and now specializes in helping people create successful open relationships.


Leading Edge Love Radio

Leading Edge Love Radio

This show focuses on Open Relationships and other related topics such as, adult human sexuality, neo-Tantra, conscious kink, gender issues, emotional intimacy & healing, communication...

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May 19, 2023

Are you curious about how couples get into the swinging lifestyle? As much as we have shared various personal stories on our show explaining parts of our sexual exploration journey, we always welcome new questions with different points of view that might bring to light new aspects of how we navigate the swinging lifestyle together. Join us with Podcast Host, Sumati Sparks, a highly compassionate and spiritual Relationship Coach specializing in creating successful open relationships, as we answer all her questions about our swinging sex lives on her podcast. We openly talk about how we discovered the Swinging Lifestyle and how we pushed our sexual boundaries to be the sexiest versions of ourselves. We reveal our private stories about masturbation, orgasms, squirting, fantasies, and our favorite sex toys. This is one of those episodes where you need to listen to the end.


January 14, 2022

Have you considered opening-up your relationship... but are confused, nervous and a little scared about how to do it? Perhaps you’ve tried polyamory or open relationship and found it to be harder than you thought? Join us with The Open-Relationship Coach, Sumati Sparks, as we discuss how to figure out if you are suited for an open relationship and if so, where to meet other polyamorous and non-monogamous people. And if you are already in an open relationship that is not going as well as you wish, Sumati shares advice on how to go "from suffering to satisfied". Jealousy, communication and how to ask for what you want… we cover it all.