Stephanie Mitelman

Stephanie Mitelman is an AASECT certified sexuality educator. In addition, Stephanie is coach and teacher on sexual health. Training teachers, nurses and front line workers across the country. Above all, her work focuses primarily on prevention issues and healthy relationships. Stephanie Mitelman has a private practice, and writes content for curriculum and classroom kits. More importantly for Stephanie, as a sexuality education specialist, she also works with individuals and couples with special needs, specifically with Autism Disorders. Stephanie Mitelman is also a founding member of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec (A chapter of Planned Parenthood from Montreal Since 2005). Furthermore, she is a Part Time Faculty member at Concordia University in Applied Human Sciences. Stephanie was awarded the First Tracks Award for Innovation in Sexology in 2013 for her work in making sex education more accessible for people with autism.

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August 7, 2020

Where are you getting your sex education? Is it relatable, reliable and relevant? The importance of finding credible information about sex and sexuality is key to our personal growth throughout our life span and it changes as we grow, mature and age passionately. Join us in with Sex Educator, Stephanie Mitelman, as we gear up for back to school with an important discussion about how the sex educators stay informed about sex education and prepare the appropriate curriculum to get the right messages out there in a frank and meaningful manner.