Sexy Chef Wendy Lane

Sexy Chef Wendy’s love for food and entertaining started when she was growing up, sitting on her mom’s kitchen counters watching and participating in preparing family meals. Having spent her earlier years as a fashion model, traveling the world, designing a clothing line, publishing an inspirational book, and raising four kids, now she enjoys bringing all of those elements together as the Sexy Chef. Being a sexy woman and making food playful and enjoyable IS her life.

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May 25, 2017

Do you want to turn the mundane chore of cooking into a passionate form of seduction? Find out how to create delicious dishes that express your love and embody all the senses in the most intimate way. Food and sex are the perfect combination that sustain life. Creative cooking can make anyone feel hot and sexy and desired. Join us as we explore foodgasms with Sexy Chef Wendy while she explains how to combine food, ambiance and great imagination to create the perfect sensual experience right in your kitchen. Throw on your heels and spice-up your sex life tonight.