Sadie Marie

Since her divorce, Sadie recognizes more than ever the value of being fierce in determination, desire, and, most of all, self-love. She’s also learned to put her focus on being relentless and resilient in pursuing happiness for herself and her family. With her podcast, “Sadie’s Divorced and Happy”, she welcomes the opportunity to share her insights and ideas as well and learn from her listeners and guests.


Sadie's Divorced and Happy

Sadie's Divorced and Happy

Join host Sadie Marie and her guests as they discuss All Things Act II. From lively co-ed chats about mid-life dating to conversations with financial experts on fresh money starts, from...

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November 19, 2021

Are you debating whether or not to leave your toxic relationship behind and start anew? Is your gut telling you, ‘It’s time to go!’ -- but your brain is saying, ‘things aren’t so bad’? If you’re worried about finding a new partner, getting back into the dating game and learning more about your authentic self, just know that you are not alone. And, there are a lot of great benefits in starting over. Join us with Divorcee, Sadie Marie, from Sadie’s Divorced and Happy Podcast, as we discuss her sexy-fun experiences since getting divorced three years ago. She shares her light-hearted insights about being relentless in pursuing happiness for herself (and her family) through self-love and determination to finding out more about her inner Goddess, her desires and pleasure zones.