Ola Miedzynska

Ola Miedzynska is the CEO and Founder of Sx Tech EU and Sprint Sx Tech, which are the first accelerated programs for female professionals from the sex tech and fem tech industries. Based in Berlin, Ola launched the first Sex Tech Hackathon in Germany and actively supports technological transformation in building the ecosystem around two global industries – Sex Tech & Fem Tech.

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April 3, 2020

Are you mind-boggled about the future of sex? Sex bots. Sex Dolls. Virtual Sex. Remote Sex. The sex tech industry is expanding exponentially. Join us as we chat with Ola Miedzynska, founder of SX Tech EU, the largest sex tech conference in Europe, taking place in Berlin Sept 14th, 2020, as we explore the impact of digital pleasure, revolutionized sex education, and more access to sexual health solutions including sexual mental health and emotional health. The future is now. Climb aboard it’s going to be a wild ride!