Lilly and Mike

Lilly and Mike, seasoned coaches and Lifestylers since 2014, are dedicated to elevating your sexy experiences in the swinger community and enhancing your bond as a couple. With their deep understanding of Lifestyle issues and a specialization in guiding you through crazy Lifestyle takeovers and vacations, they offer personalized coaching to ignite passion, alleviate social / approach anxiety, and enhance self-esteem; ensuring you communicate with confidence when it really matters. Their workshops and ‘sextivities’ are more than just entertaining; they're transformative experiences designed to equip you with the essential skills you need to meet more people, have more fun, and play more often.

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November 17, 2023

Are you intimidated by the possibility of meeting thousands of sexy peeps on The Bliss Cruise? Are you wondering how to make meaningful connections that can lead to sexy-fun and friendship… and more?

Join us on board The Bliss Cruise with Topless Travel as we engage The Bliss Ambassadors, Lilly and Mike, who are there to ensure you have one hell of a sexy vacation. In charge of helping you break the ice, find new friends, connect and play, Lilly and Mike’s onboard workshops will empower you to confidently pursue your desires and fulfill them, making this the most thrilling Lifestyle Adventure ever!

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Topless Travel

Topless Travel has been given the responsibility to create, organize and facilitate travel events specifically for the members of Our staff has 15 years of experience in the "Lifestyle" travel industry. We have not only created specialty trips to the usual swinger destinations, but new and exciting events in unique "Main Stream" destinations that are "lifestyle friendly" and are conducive to meeting the "locals" to play with.