Lexi Luna

Adult Model and Sex Educator, Lexi Luna, left her regular job as a schoolteacher to pursue adult modeling and is proud to have a college education. She was always teaching her friends about the best ways to have sex, so they weren’t surprised when she became a porn star. In addition to making adult movies, she’s also a dedicated live webcam performer and teaches sexuality workshops on some of the largest lifestyle cruises in the world. If you want to watch her live, follow her Twitter account, @LexiLunaxoxo, where she has tens of thousands of followers. Lexi also has a kinky side and loves to be dominant.

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April 9, 2020

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a real-life porn star and ask her about blow jobs? Like: Does a blow job really feel as good as it looks on a porn flick? And. How can I learn how to do that too? If you want to discover some inside secrets of a real-life porn star, join us on The Bliss Cruise with Lexi Luna, as she gets “down and dirty” talking us through one of her Blow Job Workshops, enlightening us with her experience and expertise to fully understand the techniques required for an amazing blow job – including deep-throating – and more.