Layla London

Blogger and Podcaster, Layla London, is a self-proclaimed “pit bull in panties” as she shares the intimate details of her sex-life with “The Curious Girl Diaries Podcast” “The perception of me is a successful, attractive, woman with her shit together. Not entirely untrue, however I can become so focused on certain areas of my life that I neglect others. That's how you go 3.5 years with no sex. Those days are over! I'm bringing my sexy back and then some. So why am I blogging and podcasting about this?? Who the heck knows! I tend to get an idea in my head and go for it! I'm a pit bull in panties and nothing stops me when I really want to do something. Something is driving the need to share this experience and put it out there!”


The Curious Girl Diaries

The Curious Girl Diaries

Hi I'm Layla London. I'm just the girl next door who recently decided to explore her sexuality. After a 3.5 year, self imposed, dry spell I woke up one day and said "What the heck am I doing to...

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July 1, 2022

Are you curious about why people blog about their sex lives, sharing their real-life stories with the world? Join us with Blogger and Podcaster, Layla London from The Curious Girl Diaries, as we dive deep into how she loves to share intimate details of her sex life -- from between the sheets, to her many first dates, to exploring in swing clubs, dungeons and beyond.