Heather Montgomery

Heather C. Montgomery, founder/CEO of sex-positive social platform PleazeMe (PleazeMe.com), created the entertaining and informative site as a means to open the conversation to healthy sex and sexuality, especially for women. “After two divorces and a number of sexually unsatisfying relationships, I knew I had to make a change… however, in my personal journey I felt restricted, judged and void of adequate time and resources to address the lack and turmoil I experienced around mating and sexuality,” says Montgomery. “I longed for a fun, sexy place to explore and expand my sexual desires without a backlash in my personal and public life. As a single woman, I didn't find it.” The budding entrepreneur, who had previously worked in wellness studying nutritionals, novel and advanced testing, medical devices and cellular therapies, focused on her passion to help people. “It’s about having a vehicle to make a positive impact. My focus was divided between raising awareness through marketing and strategy and helping the healing community integrate prevention, health and wellness into our medical system.” In 2013, Montgomery’s passion led to her idea of forming PleazeMe, but with day-to-day demands and her son’s seizure disorder shifting her priorities, it would take five more years - and a life-changing trek to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a group of other dynamic women - before she put the idea into motion. “I left my fear of judgement and adversity on the mountain and found the courage to begin the journey toward making that dream a reality.” Montgomery’s concept of PleazeMe - a tool tailored to one’s sexual interests, desires and needs, latent with diverse resources, shrouded in anonymity - finally beta launched in May 2019. “A vehicle to transform one's sexual expression and empower us to create the sex and relationship life of our dreams.” “I can honestly say that my last 18 months have been the most transformative of my life,” says Montgomery. “PleazeMe is working the way we intended it too. I hope to share that with others who are looking for sexual freedom and fulfilling relationships.”

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May 1, 2020

Are you looking for credible information about sex and sexuality? Perhaps you’re looking for a like-minded community to share your sexual adventures without shame or censorship. If you’re getting creeped-out by social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it might be time to explore new options. Join us with Heather Montgomery, founder of PleazeMe.com, a new sexy social site where you can uncover a universe tailored to your desires, and anonymously explore, connect, shop, learn and play!