Heather Claus

Hi! I'm Heather. My friends call me Nookie. I'm an entrepreneur, a lover of life, a partner to the most amazing man I've ever met, an avid reader, a hiker, a cancer previvor, a traveler, a cook, and more. 

I also have ADHD, and I'm an author, an educator, and a coach. 

Curiouser.Life was born out of my personal journey and the idea that more joy, love, and success comes with a sense of curiosity about the world, and a desire to know more about life and the people we encounter in it. 

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December 29, 2023

Do you struggle with saying no, being taken advantage of, or feeling overwhelmed in your relationships?  Whether you're a seasoned boundary-setter or just starting to explore this concept, you may need some wisdom that will inspire and equip you to build the meaningful connections you deserve.

Join Sexologist, Dr Stephanie Sigler from Evolve Your Intimacy, together with Author and Coach, Heather Claus from couriouser.life, as they dive deep into the world of boundaries. You will discover how to revolutionize the way you relate to yourself and others. With Heather's expertise and practical advice, you will understand better how setting clear boundaries can lead to more fulfilling relationships, improved self-esteem, and enhanced personal growth.