Ella Dorval Hall

Sex Educator and Sex & Relationship Writer Ella Dorval Hall is an Internationally Acclaimed Sexuality Educator who brings a little bit of humor, a lot of honesty, and just the right amount of science to their work. Ella stepped into this field because of their own lack of pleasure they experienced during sex (and other parts of their life). Ella now demands pleasure as an essential motivator for anything they pursues and believes that ALL people deserve to experience pleasure and joy, especially during sex. Ella knows that sex can be awkward, uncomfortable, self conscious, painful, or even dreadful and works to brings people the information and skills they need in order to have the kind of sex they want to have. Ella's favorite part of sex education is deconstructing systems of oppression, the sexual myths, values, and messages we receive from them, and understanding how they impact our sex lives. Ella works one on one with clients, offers workshops, and writes for media outlets, sex toy companies, and sex ed platforms. 

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March 17, 2023

Did you know that being a “people-pleaser” can affect your performance in bed? If you, or your partner are people-pleasers, you may be missing out on a mutually great sex life. Join us with Sex Educator and Sex & Relationship Writer, Ella Dorval Hall as we dive deep into the effects of being a people-pleaser – especially in the bedroom. We also find out more about the relationship between libido, desire, and arousal and we get a better understanding of how to deal with guilt and shame around sex.