Dr. Valerie Poppel

Dr. Valerie Poppel and her husband Gerhard are the founders of the Swann Center. They are clinical sexologists, sex coaches, and certified sexuality educators. They work with individuals and couples to address their most significant challenges in sex, relationships, and dating. The Swann Center philosophy of total mind and body transformation utilizes sex coaching, massage, fitness thru Dr. Valerie trademarked Sambabelly & Bellydance classes, beauty & wellness. They specialize in coaching clients on the autism spectrum scale, sexual dysfunction, sexual matters, and veterans. Additionally, as a couple, they provide expertise to leading organizations, companies, and the media ensuring a comprehensive approach to sexuality. They also design and present international training programs and workshops either virtual or in-person. https://www.swanncenter.com/

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November 4, 2020

Carol and David’s selected episode of the Talk Naked Podcast hosted by Laura Desiree. On this episode, Laura chats with clinical sexologist, sex coach, and certified sexuality educator, Dr. Valerie Poppel. Find out why they're on a swingers cruise in Europe and be prepared to have your perspective on sex changed forever!