Dr. Shelley

Sexologist, Dr Shelley was originally born in New Zealand and now lives in Las Vegas. Author of several books including “Anti-Aging and Health Benefits of Sex” which summarizes the findings of her PhD dissertation; and “Soul Sex” which combines erotica with spirituality and the journey of discovering sexual fulfillment through the energy centers of the body. Dr Shelly specializes in making relationships and life more sexually joyous by working with couples and individuals to open-up and try new sexual adventures. http://www.drshelleys.com/

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December 18, 2018

Have you ever thought about the connection between aging and sexual activity? Most of us think that it’s normal to have less sex as we get older. However, when you look at the research data that reveals the anti-aging properties of a great sex life, you’ll want to have even more sex with every year. Join us on location from the SDC Cuban Cruise, as we chat with Sexologist, Dr Shelley, and her husband, Denie Hiestand, leading authority in natural health, both talking about sexual energy, staying connected for a great sex life, and avoiding toxins that affect our sexuality. From natural skin care products to sexual zodiacs and energy workshops, their expansive knowledge is fascinating.