Dr Leonard McGill

Since retiring from my Chiropractic practice in 2015 I've been traveling the world, learning new healing modalities to incorporate into a wholistic, integrative approach I've termed Structural / Chakra Integrative Therapy. I currently see patients in New York City, Charleston, South Carolina and Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'm looking forward to being a visiting healthcare practitioner at health care facilities around the world. Book: Vaginal Massage - A Book for Women to Give to Their Men

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May 12, 2020

Are you intrigued about the power of erotic hypnosis and suggestive reasoning to improve your sex life? Are you looking for ways to open her heart and her pussy and gain confidence in bed? Join us with Author, Educator and Hypnotist, Dr Leonard, on board a Swinger Cruise for the first time, as we explore vaginal massage as a pathway to reaching greater heights of arousal and better sex. He even shares his top G-Spot Stroke Techniques with us.

Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage

Mastering The Art of Vaginal Massage

Your sexual confidence will soar as you become one of a handful of men on the planet that can give your lover massive orgasms…for as long as she can handle.

In this definitive guide to the awesome sexual art of vaginal massage, learn how to:

Use vaginal massage to give women massive orgasms and squirting g-spot orgasms.

Do a “doggie style” vaginal massage.

Use simple, sexy bondage techniques to add a whole new excitement to your love life.

Use different finger positions and strokes to keep your lover craving more.

Open up your woman’s vagina so she feels much more pleasure during sex.

The best music to play during your massages.

Combine advanced cunnilingus techniques with your vaginal massage skills.

Use sex toys to make your lover come again and again, including one that top sex gurus use instead of their hands to give women squirting g-spot orgasms…

And so much more! Every topic on how to become a master at this technique is included, all with full-color illustrations showing you exactly what you need to do, so you can begin to easily master these skills tonight.