Dr. Katie Schubert

Dr. Katie Schubert has master's and doctorate degrees in sociology and gender studies from the University of Florida and a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Adams State University in Colorado. She completed her postgraduate studies at Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Institute and is a certified sex therapist, providing therapy to individuals, couples and families on issues related to sexuality, sex and gender in St. Petersburg. Contact her at drkatieschubert.com.

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January 18, 2018

Are you too busy for a social life, never mind a sex life? Is your daily grind creeping into your private time? Perhaps sex is becoming less of a priority in your busy schedule. After a while, we get used to having less sex – not that we like it – but we accept it. Until… one day we realize that it’s been months since our last sexual encounter. Well it’s time to turn this around. Getting the sexy back into our lives is critical to our well-being. Join us with Dr Katie Schubert, as she reveals the key ingredient to staying sexy in our relationship – SEXUAL INTIMACY.