Dr. Evelin Dacker

Dr Evelin Dacker is a Board-Certified Integrative and Holistic Family Physician who specializes in sexual health and consent. Her unique approach to wellness incorporates pleasure as an important aspect for healing trauma and illness. In addition to practicing medicine, Dr Evelin was the Executive Director of SexPositive Portland from 2018-2020. She teaches other health care providers on sex-positivity, destigmatizing STIs, and having a more open attitude toward alternative sexual practices and relationship styles. In addition, Dr Evelin holds workshops on consent and sexual communication geared toward young adults to help reduce sexual assault on college campuses. https://www.evelindacker.com/

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November 11, 2022

Are you concerned about the sexual health of a potential sex partner but find it too uncomfortable to ask the right questions at the right time? Perhaps you want to warn a new partner about your STD but you’re too ashamed to admit it. Join Dr Stephanie and Fox from Evolve Your Intimacy, as they chat with Sexual Health Expert, Dr Evelin Dacker, all about destigmatizing STIs, consent and sexual communication. They also get into how to live a sex positive lifestyle and how talk to your partner about your needs and wants.