Danny Santos

The integrative healer behind Santos & The Crystal Visions, Danny Santos guides clients through shamanic plant medicine journeys, astrological sessions for integration, and spiritual life coaching programs. Danny’s approach is kind, compassionate, playful, and filled with the magic of his shamanic training. After studying Ayahuasca Shamanism for the last four years under a teacher in Oakland, California, Danny finally went to Peru this past summer to receive the blessing from the indigenous Shipibo Tribe to begin serving Ayahuasca. Danny is also a certified breathwork instructor, sound healer, reiki practitioner, and tarot reader, and has been studying astrology for the last 19+ years. Danny is also the host of the Astro Daddy Podcast.


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October 13, 2023

Are you an astrology buff? Have you ever considered your birth chart to be the key to unlocking your sensual superpowers?

Join our guest host, Ashley Manta from CannaSexual®, and Professional Astrologer and Ayahuasca Shaman, Danny Santos, as they team up for an exhilarating discussion about the cosmic and earthly realms of relationships, sexuality, astrology, and cannabis. With Ashley's expertise in empowerment and intimacy and Danny's profound insights in astrology and plant medicine, they navigate the celestial dance of desire and the soothing effects of cannabis on connection. Discover how stars and herbs align to enrich our relationships, deepen sensuality, and enhance our understanding of love's infinite dimensions. It's an exploration that transcends earthly boundaries and elevates your connection with the universe and the ones you love.

Firm Tech Ring

Firm Tech Ring

Erection Ring & Health Monitor

  • Medical grade adjustable elastomer penis ring
  • Comfortable ‘double’ ring doesn’t move, slip, or rotate during sex
  • Sensors track nocturnal erections, duration, firmness, and ejaculation
  • USB rechargeable, charging dock included
  • Compatible with Vacuum Erection Devices
  • No prescription is required
  • The ‘Performance Ring’ is available without sensors ($59.95)

FirmTech’s revolutionary tech-enabled erection ring and mobile App can enhance your performance while tracking the vital signs of your erectile fitness at the click of a button. This smart tech can count nocturnal erections to indicate cardiovascular health, the duration, and firmness of your erections, and ejaculations. The Tech Ring is uniquely comfortable, easy to use, and suitable for all men including those who are experiencing venous leak erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Intelligence in Business: Provoke Conversation, Empower Yourself & Enhance Your Business

Sexual Intelligence in Business: Provoke Conversation, Empower Yourself & Enhance Your Business

What if you know you have access to phenomenal resources, for free, that can enrich your life, boost your career and grow your business?

Gender and sexual relations have been boiling up in business and the workplace for some time. After the #metoo movement, the situation is even more tense, muddy and confusing. For centuries, we have tried to keep sex relegated to the conjugal bed and the taboo underground. When in reality, it's everywhere and in everyone.

By learning about our Sexual Intelligence in Business, we can better navigate this environment, flip the script on sex, start celebrating pleasure, and learn how our sexual energy can enhance and 10x our careers and business!

In Sexual Intelligence in Business, Bobbi Bidochka dives into topics that live at the intersection of sex and business, such as:

• Power,

• Patriarchy,

• Sexism,

• Identity and workplace affairs

• and a critique on the #metoo movement

For too long, women have been accused of being manipulative femmes fatales if their sexuality was too blatant. For men, we now treat them all like they are one sex joke away from sexual harassment and sexual violence. Written with both tongue & cheek humor and academically researched data, Bobbi empowers both men and women with information, strategies and tools on how to navigate these landmines, overcome issues and concerns, take power and control and make fully sanctioned choices in their lives.

Explore the idea that there is positive sexual energy and power that can help you enhance your business and career such as erotic capital, sexual transmutation, sexual neurochemicals.

Sexual Intelligence should be a respectable characteristic as is artistic creativity, athletic ability, business savvy, or engineering ingenuity. With Emotional and Intelligence Quotient already in play, Sexual Intelligence is next level.

TOP Waterproof Blanket

TOP Waterproof Blanket

Keeps Everything 100% Dry No Matter How Wet It Gets!

  • ❤ 100% WATERPROOF & LEAK PROOF - Guaranteed! The noiseless waterproof barrier, fused between two layers of soft coral fleece, prevents ALL types of moisture and liquids from leaking through.
  • ❤ INDOOR/OUTDOOR - Use it indoors as a cover for your bed, carpet, couch or anywhere you need to protect against liquid spills and messy wetness. Great for people and pets - seniors, babies, dogs and cats. Or take it camping, boating, to the beach, picnics and sports events for a dry place to sit or sleep.
  • ❤ FULLY REVERSIBLE – 100% waterproof and absorbent on both sides. Does not bunch or shift. Available in two sizes: JUMBO 80"x60” & MIDSIZE 60”x40”
  • ❤ MACHINE WASH AND DRY - Stain resistant. Simply throw it in the washer and dryer on regular settings and it comes out looking like brand new. For quicker drying time, pass it through a second spin cycle.
  • ❤ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We care about your complete satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any issues or comments about our products. Thanks

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Topless Travel

Topless Travel

ToplessTravel.com has been given the responsibility to create, organize and facilitate travel events specifically for the members of SwingLifestyle.com. Our staff has 15 years of experience in the "Lifestyle" travel industry. We have not only created specialty trips to the usual swinger destinations, but new and exciting events in unique "Main Stream" destinations that are "lifestyle friendly" and are conducive to meeting the "locals" to play with.