Cayte Castrillon

Cayte is a sex therapist and sexual educator who has dedicated her entire career to the goal of helping others understand how to optimize their emotional physical and sexual health. With 17 years of experience as a therapist, Cayte now has a Bergen County based private therapy practice where she treats individuals and couples specializing in sex in relationship counseling in addition to pursuing her Ph.D. in clinical sexology. Cayte also continues to shake up traditional sex education by conducting workshops on sexual literacy, sexual responsibility, and consent among student educators and parent groups. 

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April 22, 2022

So ladies… do you have a hard time achieving that ultimate bliss of excitement that leaves your body screaming for more? A study found that 39% of women say that they can only orgasm through masturbation compared to only 6% of women who orgasm during penetration!!! Also, 20% of women say they don't orgasm at all. What’s up with that? Join Stephanie & Fox with Sex Therapist, Cayte Castrillon, from, as they discuss the troubling statistics of the “Orgasm Gap” between men and women, and what they can do to ensure great sex is had by all.