Calamity Chang

This "Asian Sexsation", Calamity Chang, has made a mark in the burlesque world with her signature food-inspired ("foodlesque") acts focusing on Asian culinary icons in popular culture such as Sriracha hot sauce, sushi roll, and cup o' noodles. By fusing her love for food and her Chinese heritage in playful and sexy striptease performances, Calamity brings visibility to performers of color worldwide with a dash of whimsy and a peppering of good humour. She is one of the busiest burlesque performers AND producers based in NYC with 2 longstanding weekly shows and 2 monthly shows; she also co-produces the world's only NEW YORK ASIAN BURLESQUE EXTRAVAGANZA with Jen Gapay.

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January 14, 2021

Carol and David’s selected episode of the Talk Naked Podcast hosted by Laura Desiree. On this episode, Laura speaks to international burlesque superstar, “The Asian Sexsation”, Calamity Chang, from New York City. We find out how she got her start in one of the sexiest professions in the world.