Buck Angel

Buck Angel (born June 5, 1962) is an American pornographic film actor, producer and sex educator. He is the founder of the media production company Buck Angel Entertainment. A transsexual man, he received the 2007 AVN Award as Transsexual Performer of the Year; he now works as an advocate and educator. Angel served on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation from 2010 to 2016; the foundation works to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right through advocacy and education. https://buckangel.com/

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May 13, 2022

Are you interested in learning more about how transgender folks have been struggling to be heard, and seen, for so many years? It’s a topic that is quickly becoming a hot button debate. Join our good friend, Bobbi Bidochka, from Love and Sex with Robots, as she welcomes Transgender Porn Star, Buck Angel, onto our show to get his professional and personal opinion on various touchy topics like: responsible and healthy approaches to sex change, reducing the harmful impact of sexual shame, the sex lives of transgender and transsexuals, cannabis and sex, social media and cancel culture.