Bobbi Bidochka

As accidental author of the upcoming book Sex & Business and a sex-positive advocate, Bobbi Bidochka is increasing her presence in the sex tech community by Co-Chairing the Academic Conference, Love and Sex with Robots and volunteering with Venture Associate for a tech VC/incubator by day and entrepreneur by night, Bobbi is running her own business imagine ideation, specializing in connected experiences and ecosystem diplomacy. Bobbi is a tech enthusiast with a vision for how to grow the SexTech community worldwide. She is co-organizing the 5th (and virtual) version of Love and Sex with Robots (LSR), coming up on December 7-8, 2020 as well as leading the way for LSR to be produced in Montreal for 2021! She hopes to affect change towards a sex-friendly world, one opinion at a time. Hit her up on all the platforms, @bobbibidochka

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May 13, 2022

Are you interested in learning more about how transgender folks have been struggling to be heard, and seen, for so many years? It’s a topic that is quickly becoming a hot button debate. Join our good friend, Bobbi Bidochka, from Love and Sex with Robots, as she welcomes Transgender Porn Star, Buck Angel, onto our show to get his professional and personal opinion on various touchy topics like: responsible and healthy approaches to sex change, reducing the harmful impact of sexual shame, the sex lives of transgender and transsexuals, cannabis and sex, social media and cancel culture.


October 23, 2020

Have you ever wondered if the future of humanity will include people being coupled with robots? Will we be able to have a loving relationship and even have sex with a robot some day? Perhaps you won’t have to find your soul mate, you’ll just have to “create” a soul mate robot. Join us, as we dive deep into this futuristic notion, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Enthusiast, Bobbi Bidochka, Author of the book “Sex and Business”, and Co-Chair of the Tech Conference “Love and Sex with Robots”. Her point of view about the ‘Me Too Movement having gone too far’ will make you think twice about how our relationships in the workplace are dependent on the subtleties of flirting, sexual innuendos and jokes about sex -- coupled with consent and respect of course.