Anna Richards

I wasn’t from the porn industry. However, the more I viewed porn from the outside as a female watcher and the other half of a long-term couple, the more I felt it was missing so much of what I wanted to see, what I felt was sexy and erotic. My approach has been very much through female eyes as well as refreshing and honest. I realized I had an opportunity to create beautiful arousing sex online, where sex was respected, consent was key and female pleasure was at the heart. I wanted to create tasteful socially acceptable sex, take a positive approach to how we portray sex online and create porn for women that could be enjoyed with our partners. Sex is so often taboo, yet is so important to our wellbeing, our sense of self, and our relationships. I decided to create my own, and what you see here is my style and genre of online adult erotica. I wanted to show adult films that play on erotic passion and desire, those movies that offer a good dose of horny temptation, great chemistry, and hot bedded longing, and yes, with lots of gorgeous kissing and delicious fuckery. So you could say that I stumbled into this with my passion for visualizing deliciously sexy fantasies. Enjoy!

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October 15, 2021

Have you ever noticed that most porn flicks are filmed for the male gaze with little regard for female pleasure… as if the all the viewers are male? Do you think there’s room for another point of view when it comes to pornography? Join us with Anna Richards, founder of, an online erotic publishing house specializing in the creation of exclusive erotic adult entertainment for women, men and couples, as we get into the discussion of ethical porn and why it is important in our culture today.