Ally Iseman

Ally Iseman is the Founder of, which offers concierge guidance, eco-luxury retreats, and online courses and resources for couples and individuals exploring healthy non-monogamy and alternative relationship dynamics. She has been a speaker, community organizer, and non-monogamy educator and practitioner since 2016, committed to promoting consensual, empowered, and respectful interactions as a leader within the sex-positive space. As a certified and respected ‘sexpert’ on non-monogamy and consent, Ally sits on the executive leadership board of one of LA’s most distinguished sensually-creative events. She regularly shares her insights on podcasts and at live events, and has been quoted in numerous consumer and industry-facing publications, further solidifying her reputation as a knowledgeable and influential voice on the subject of non-monogamy and alternative relationship dynamics.

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March 1, 2023

Are you looking for a long-lasting relationship that includes a touch of non-monogamy? Perhaps you need a mentor or a guide to take you by the hand through the stages of exploration so that you don’t mess up your already strong and healthy connection. Join us with Ethical Non-Monogamy Guide, Ally Iseman from, as we talk about all the ways to avoid common friction and insecurities that can arise as you journey into the exciting yet obscure world of Ethical Non-Monogamy. We get into busting a bunch of myths and misinformation that cloud the reality of this erotic and intoxicating lifestyle.

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