Sensual Tips Article March 25, 2018 - The Sexy Lifestyle

Hosts of The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David

Carol and David, hosts The Sexy Lifestyle with Carol and David on VoiceAmerica radio, a leading provider of Internet talk radio. Each week Carol and David, A fun-loving swinger couple, share their own personal experiences with sex, love and marriage. Their show aims to help listeners have stronger, more meaningful relationships through clear communication, pushing boundaries, exploring limits, and fulfilling fantasies.  The show airs every Thursday at 4pm PT on the VoiceAmerica Variety channel. Tune in for their sex tips, wild stories, and live call-in advice about living a happy, healthy, and horny life!  How long have you two been swinging?

Carol:  David and I discovered the swinging lifestyle about 10 years ago while we were on vacation in Mexico. This was about 2 years after we got together, after we were dumped by our exes… David’s ex wife is married to my ex-husband… that’s another story… LOL

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