What Are Sexperts and How Can They Help?

As we begin to find out more about ourselves and our relationships, we uncover new people out there trying to help us along our way. On your way to charting your own sexual evolution you may have come across terms like “sex coach,” “sex therapist” or “sexpert.” You wonder: are they all the same? Good question! We’re going to help solve this mystery so you can find the right person for your needs. Let’s learn about some of the different types of sexperts out there.

Sex Coach or Intimacy Coach

Do you envision someone crouched next to your bed, wearing grey sweats, whistle in mouth, ready to call you out any time you’re not giving 110%? As entertaining as this may sound, this is NOT what a sex coach does. And thank goodness, right? Who needs that anxiety?

Instead, a sex coach is someone who helps you move past shame, anxiety or any blocks you might be having in your sex life. This could vary in technique from talking and figuring out processes and goals to actual hands-on therapy. It could mean a sex coach is with a client, guiding them through to orgasm, maybe even for the first time. While some might find this a little invasive, there is no doubt how powerful and transformative this process could be for some.

Sex Therapist or Sex Counselor

Generally, a sex therapist utilizes talk therapy to speak to their patients about issues they are encountering with sex or sexuality. Just as it can be in sex coaching, trust and openness in this position is key. A patient might visit a sex therapist as an individual or with a partner to discuss problems they are experiencing. A sex therapist discusses feelings surrounding sex and sexuality for individuals or couples to help them reach a point of trust, comfort and understanding. They might also provide couples with “homework” to address and work through issues they may have at home. A sex therapist generally would not engage in hands on therapy or physical contact with their patients.

Somatic Sex Therapist or Somatic Sex Practitioner

While a typical sex therapist or couples counselor does not engage in hands-on therapy, a somatic sex therapist practices just that. Using mindful touch, a somatic sex practitioner can help their students recover from trauma, explore boundaries, recover trust and help resolve pain with sex. They may use a number of different methods including “coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance and other body-based teaching about sex.”[1] Individual practitioners each set their own boundaries but there is no genital touching, nudity or exchange of fluids. Somatic sex practice addresses the unique nature of sex as being one of contact that can’t always be resolved via discussion.

Are You a Sexpert?

Sex therapists, sex coaches, somatic sex practitioners and sexual healers are just some of the many ways that sexual experts are helping us create a new, evolved sexual existence. We’ve created a centralized platform where ALL of their knowledge and expertise can be tapped into. The Sexy Lifestyle’s Great Sex Academy gathers practitioners and experts across the spectrum to provide a useful database and contact point for information on sex and sexuality. If you are practicing in the field of sex and sexuality, we invite you to become part of our village of sexperts on the Great Sex Academy. It is free and incredibly easy. Get started today by creating your Business Profile and selecting “educator” as one of your business types. We can’t wait to have you join us!







[1] https://somaticsexeducators.com/