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How has social media influenced our sexuality? 


And how has our sexuality influenced social media?


Did the flashers become the dick pic perpetrators?


Has FB & IG become the new bar?


Is there a new social etiquette or can we still expect common courtesy & respect?

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How has Social Media benefited our sexuality? ⠀⠀


Listening to the show will give you some personal insights and talking points to open up this conversation with your friends and family – both real and virtual.


20 keys to Social Media Etiquette: 

  1. Know your intention before using social media. If it is to connect with family & friends, build a business, make new friends, learn about other cultures, etc –then by all means this is the place.  If your intention is to get laid, please pay an online source that offers that service.  Social media is not the place.
  2. Remember that is a living, breathing, feeling human on the other side of the key board. Respect is key!
  3. Consent is still required to move into any area of personal space, intimacy, sexual interplay, etc.
  4. Don’t assume based on a profile or photographs a person is giving you permission for anything.
  5. Don’t do, say, send or share anything on line you wouldn’t share in person.
  6. Don’t ask for free professional advice or counseling via social media.
  7. Nothing on the internet is truly deletable.
  8. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Snap Chat all allow children to participate. Remember – kids can see what you are posting.  Would you want YOUR kids to see what you are posting?  Let that be your guide.
  9. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Snap Chat are not dating sites. Be mindful that very few people will be receptive to your sexual advances or even personal sexual banter.  Go to the dating sites if that is your intention.
  10. Sending nonconsensual dick pics are sexual assault.   Don’t send them unless you have been asked.  Even then I would recommend you don’t.
  11. And beware, most people who are asking are men portraying themselves as women to get you to send them.
  12. Engage in meaningful, respectful, intelligent and fun conversations with people you wouldn’t normally have a chance to know. There is so much to learn from each other.
  13. Social media is a great place to promote your work and to create powerful collaborations.
  14. Remember any employer will check your social media before hiring… even if they say they don’t.
  15. Don’t share your personal relationship drama on social media. No one cares and it will only back fire on you.
  16. Don’t blindly forward mass messages – most of them are bullshit or contain malware.
  17. Use Snopes or research triggoring information before passing along. Most of what you find on the interenet is twisted partial truths. 
  18. Ask more questions than you give out opinions. We all have so much to learn about humans.
  19. Monitor your kids accounts carefully, if you have allowed them social media. There are a lot of preditors who make it a full time job to search for unsupervised kids.
  20. The anonymity of the internet can cause many to go rouge to unleash and forget all social decorum and manners. Don’t waste time trying to educate them, I’ve learned this the hard way.  They are angry miserable people who choose to feel that way.  They don’t want to be educated, healed or helped.  They only want to get you to feel bad too.  BLOCK EM and MOVE ON!⠀⠀

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