Moving forward with LOVE!

Have you ever arrived at a crossroads, looked at all the different street signs of life and been unsure of which path to follow? Well, if you are like most individuals and honest about it, the answer is a hard YES!

You might be tempted to calculate the path of least resistance that helps you get to the destination faster yet in the end still question which direction you will take. Taking the shortcut may have certain benefits yet think of the beautiful scenery you may miss along the way.

In various aspects of one’s life be it family, work, love, and romance… you will often be faced with life-altering decisions that involve taking risks and challenging yourselves. There is even a term for the situation, it’s called personal GROWTH!

So, the question you may want to ask is “How do I choose the right path?”.

The answer is to follow your INTUITION, PLAN and PREPARE for the eventual arrival at your chosen destination and then take the first step, surrendering to the path.

On this week’s talk show, I discussed various issues that so many people face in life and love.  Many hopeful romantics are unsure about how to start MOVING forward with LOVE starting with self-love, respect, compassion as they emerge from different situations and challenges.

If you have any other relationship or dating questions I am here to support you 24/7 on my Loveline: 1-844-744-SOLO and remember to Keep it Simple and Stimulating because we all know it’s all about the KISS.

xo Cheryl 💋