Is Intimacy Going Extinct?  (Nov 13, 2018 Show)


 With Dr's Nancy & Mark


Nov 13, 2018 Conscious Living Show Blog

Description: Loneliness is increasing with each generation leading to more depression, isolation and ill health.  We tackle the topic today in hopes of increasing awareness of some of the ways we can understand and remedy our falling perceptions of a satisfying life.  

Intention:  To bring awareness to the human need of intimate connection and ways in which to deepen our life satisfaction and build stronger intimate connections.

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What can audience learn?  Ways in which they may be able to find their way to experience the deep interconnectivity that is vital to human wellbeing and degree of life satisfaction.

Hosts:  Dr’s Nancy & Mark

Today’s Topic:  Is Intimacy Becoming Extinct?

  • What is Intimacy and why are people so lacking in this?
  • We will discuss how we have more connections via the internet, yet we are more lonely and lacking in the feeling of interconnectivity than ever.
  • What is the Hook Up Culture and how is it working out?

Concepts we will bounce around today…

  • More Hooking Up and increasing Lonliness
  • Insta-Intimacy – can that work?
  • Longevity and Intimacy – The value of feeling known.
  • Health & Intimacy - 

Word Of The Week. 


Understanding LONELINESS.

A new study has found that nearly half of all Americans feel lonely — with young people in particular experiencing the brunt on the pain.  (Ref in Blog)

Health insurer Cigna took a nationwide survey of 20,000 adults and found that 54% of respondents said they feel like no one actually knows them well, NPR reports. Additionally, 56% of people said the people they surround themselves around “are not necessarily with them,” and approximately 40% said they “lack companionship,” their “relationships aren’t meaningful,” and that they feel “isolated from others.”  

Social isolation can also have an effect on health. “There’s a blurred line between mental and physical health. Often times, medical symptoms present themselves and they’re correlated with mental, lifestyle, behavioral issues like loneliness.” 

Additionally, the survey found that younger American are hit harder by loneliness. The generation born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s —”Z”— is coming to age now and feels lonely the most, researchers found. Those respondents had an average loneliness score of 48.3, compared to the average score for all Americans, 44. Millennials, meanwhile, scored 45.3. But the Baby Boomers and Greatest Generation scored just below the American average at 42.4 and 38.6, respectively.

#MeToo & You

  • The Hook Up Culture and the Me Too Movement.
  • Why so many misunderstandings?
  • How can Intimacy help alleviate #MeToo Moments?
    • More time to learn about each other
    • More demand for communication
    • Greater respect for each other as human beings
    • Less rush to get off


  • Babies in an orphanage – failure to thrive
  • Longevity and Intimacy – The value of feeling known.
  • Health & Intimacy – the feeling of loneliness today can determine the depression of tomorrow.
  • Intimate relationships seem to buffer people from pathogenic effects of stress.

The Loneliness Experiment -See References below

Wrap it up!

KEEPING LIFE SPICYThis week’s addition to your sexy arsenal.

  • The OASIS à Take five minutes to share a few intimate details of your life with the person you crave intimacy with.
  • Trade off simply stating – “THANK YOU FOR SHAREING THAT WITH ME”.
  • Feeling known means that someone cares about you enough to pay attention to what you like, don’t like, how you like your coffee, eggs, or the temp of a room. It can be that simple. 
  • Where do YOU feel Intimacy? Pay attention to when you feel the most joyful, content, connected to someone.  It can be a best friend, parent or child, or a lover.  IT ISN’T ABOUT SEX.  Although – you can be intimate and having sex too – but too often our sex isn’t intimate and that is what leaves us feeling even more lonely than we did prior.
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Until next time, Love Hard, Laugh More and Kiss Longer!

Kisses and Namaste,

Dr. Nancy