I am Woman Hear me Roar - 7 Reasons for Loud Sex

Do you ever wonder why porn stars make so much noise during porn sex? All that heavy breathing, moaning, groaning, even howling and screaming in some cases?

When I first discovered porn, I used to think that noisy sex was such an exaggerated rendition of sexual play. I would ask myself, “Who does that?” At one point, I actually felt offended by the portrayal of women having loud sex… as if we can’t control ourselves … Please!

Well, as it turns out, it was ME who was missing out on the benefits of loud sex. I hadn’t realized that I was ‘too quiet for my own good’.

I don’t remember exactly when I discovered the feeling of empowerment associated with the release of animalistic sounds during sex… but once I started getting loud in bed, there was no turning back.

Here are my 7 favorite times why loud sex leads to great sex.

1. When you’re loving it.

Moans and groans speak volumes. When your partner is hitting the right spot, encourage him to stay there and keep doing what he’s doing by letting your moans get louder and more intense when he hits that sweet spot. He’ll get the message.

2. When you’re into him.

Your positive response to his actions lets him know that you are present in the moment and feeling him pleasure you. Being loud in bed lets shows him that you are engaged with him – connecting on a higher level. Guys love that! And feed off it. When you’re into him, he’ll get even more turned-on.

3. When it just feels sooooo good.

By turning up the volume, you’re telling him whatever he’s doing is working. At the same time, you’re telling yourself it’s okay to let go and enjoy the moment. Giving yourself permission to have sexual pleasure is a key factor in living a sex-positive life. And you deserve it!

4. When you’re finding the rhythm.

Breathing heavy and moaning during sex can relax you, clear your mind and help you breathe, which is really important for arousal, but also, it helps you find the rhythm you need to eventually set off the trigger points for your orgasm.

5. When he’s about to come.

Talking dirty and shouting profanities during sex can heighten his arousal and help him reach climax faster. However, if you want to extend your session, switch it down to soft and sensual whispering into one ear and tease him with some slow deliberate groans and then see how long he lasts.

6. When you’re fulfilling a fantasy.

For some people, loud sex feels exhibitionistic and there’s the thrill of getting caught or letting others know you're having sex. So, if you've fantasized about dabbling in exhibitionism but don't actually want to have sex in public, this could be a happy compromise.

7. When you’re feeling like a porn star.

Crank up the noise level and summon your inner porn star with lots of moaning groaning, screaming and dirty talk and imagine yourself in your favorite porn scene. It won’t take long for both or you to get the juices flowing and get off together.

Even if you’ve never made a peep during sex in the past, give it a try and find out how great it feels to let get loud in bed.

I am woman… hear me ROAR!

Carol and David The Sexy LifestyleAbout the Author

Carol and David are a strong, committed couple in their mid-fifties, with a sexy energetic vibe, passionate about making their relationship the best it can be. From previously failed marriages to an open-minded swinger lifestyle, they have experienced it all! By sharing their own personal experiences relating to sex, love and marriage, they inspire others to push boundaries, explore limits and fulfill fantasies in order to stay connected and enjoy the great sex they deserve.

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