How to use Sex Magick to Manifest Your Desires in 2021

Congratulations!  You made it to 2021! This past year has tested all of us in ways we never imagined possible and yet here you are in January 2021 alive and well and I hope ready to face the New Year.

No doubt there will continue to be challenges and we all need to maintain our vigilance in keeping ourselves and our family safe. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s getting brighter each and every day.

So now is the perfect time to use Sex Magick to help you manifest your desires for 2021. In this blog post, I’m going to teach you exactly how to do this.


I first learned about Sex Magick in one of my Tantra training courses.  Essentially Sex Magick is the art of using orgasmic energy to manifest your desires. This is not as crazy as it might sound.

Orgasmic energy is the most powerful form of life force energy that exists since you can actually create new human life from it at least on the male side of the equation.  I definitely believe that female orgasms are also responsible for uterus contractions which help the egg and sperm meet.

Human life is not the only “life form” that you can create. You can birth a new business, a new relationship, a new house, new wealth etc using this powerful life force orgasmic energy.

Sex Magick is hardly new. In fact it has existed and been used for many centuries as part of pagan and ancient civilization traditions and rituals. You harness power through the potency of sexual energy to connect with universal energy and consciousness. Not unlike what happens during a meditative state.


First, you must become quite clear on what your intentions and desires are. This is actually a great exercise especially at the beginning of the year. Consider, what would you like to manifest for yourself in 2021. Not unlike a vision board or any other manifestation practice, the more specific you are, the easier the manifestation will flow.

For example, stating an intent that you would like to find the perfect partner in 2021 is not as clear as saying you would like to find a partner with specific qualities that are important to you (loving, compassionate, vulnerable, financially independent etc).

You can create intentions in any and all areas of your personal life. Generally speaking, it’s considerably harder to use Sex Magick or any type of manifestation practice to address larger societal issues. That being said, I have to admit that I did use Sex Magick and asked others to as well in the Georgia Senate election.

Next you want to begin to visualize what that outcome looks like when it comes to fruition. Maybe you see your book being published, or find your dream house.  You might also journal about them, draw or paint if you’re artistically inclined, or create a vision board. We know that visualization of desired outcomes is a very powerful practice as it literally begins to change neural networks in the brain.

Finally, you set the intention for a very mindful sexual practice during which you continue to visualize what you want to manifest both before, during, and after orgasm. You can also say the words out loud during orgasm (if that’s possible for you).

What I love about Sex Magick is that you need not have a partner to practice it. If you’re solo, then Sex Magick can be a very beautiful, mindful, self loving practice. A time for you to take exquisite care, honor yourself, and unleash and bask in your pleasure.

If you’re with a partner, then jointly setting intentions, and experiencing your orgasmic energy both individually and together will also help to reinforce the manifestation process.

So what are you hoping to manifest this year?