A Day In The Life Of A

People have certain preconceptions when they hear the words "male escort".

You may be forgiven to think that all a male escort does is to satisfy their clients' sexual urge, but surprisingly, this only makes up a small percentage of what they do.

So, what really happens when you hire a male escort?

First, you'd browse through several dozens of attractive profiles on an agency's website. On each photo, you're given a short yet detailed information about the guy, including his contact details. Once you've decided, then it's just a matter of setting up the arrangements and voila! the male escort shows up at your door, neatly groomed and ready to go.

What Does It Take To Be An Escort?

The escort industry in general is experiencing a renaissance. It's a lucrative affair for agencies and their models.

Personal chaperones are usually taken to the poshest hotels, the most exclusive restaurants and even on an impulse trip to the Riviera.

It all sounds like a dream come true for blokes, but what if you don't look anywhere near those gorgeous men in magazines? Thankfully, not all women (or men) are looking for that suave, ripped and sophisticated man who can speak four languages. In fact, some agencies say that those who are interested can land a job in the escort industry even if they don't have killer looks and a great body.

The age range of male escorts gravitate towards 35 to 47, but there are niche sites that have guys aged 19 to 61. Moreover, there are agencies that cater to uniquely discerning needs or tastes of some of their clients. For each escort site that shows off their muscular guys without shirts on, chances are that there's one that have slim or middle-aged options.

Behind The Scenes

To answer the question of how these male escorts spend their on and off days, you'd need to take a closer look at what they do and how they prepare for the part.

The shocking thing about male escorts is that they are anything but extraordinary. You really wouldn't be able to pick them out in the streets. They love the same things you do, including drinking out on Friday nights, playing some videogames with the guys or staying home and snoozing the day away.

A male escort's biggest concern, though is the misunderstanding attached to their occupation. People will be more willing to accept a banker than they would an escort, so more often than not they'd hide their true jobs to their friends and family.

Former Love Island Star Alex Miller

Love Island personality Alex Miller has worked as a male escort on an agency called Gentlemen4Hire, an entertainment website that offers male companionship in a casual, everyday setting.

The glazier claims that he worked as an escort, getting paid £50 per hour in his heyday. On the website, Alex is "friendly and well-mannered", two characteristics that any respectable escort must have.

Does Alex's family and friends know that he works as an escort? Alex mentions that only a few of his closest friends do know. The Love Island star will disappear for a few hours after receiving a call or a text message.

Furniture Designer Seb Wright

Seb Wright is the penultimate boy next door. The 29-year old male escort claims that he's making upwards of £3,000 a week as a personal companion. On the side, Seb pursues his passions in creating furniture and isn't tied to a 9 to 5 working shift.

The furniture designer worked at the same agency as Alex. He charges £80 per hour for his services, or £500 for a whole night.

Outside their escort hours, they live a life of quiet mundanity. The action starts when they get a notice from the agency that a client wants to book them. When this happens, these individuals prep up and dress according to the client's tastes. A meeting time and place is set, and then it's onto the occasion or event.

Male escorts tend to accompany their clients on events such as dinner dates, weddings, conferences and parties, or on paid vacation days on exotic locales and places. Part of the escort's job is to be updated on current events, politics, financial news and hot topics. Like their female counterparts, male escorts are displayed for everyone to see. They can be a handsome, refined or sophisticated companion to their clients.

At the end of the day, male escorts aren't that different when it comes to other occupations. They provide services when discerning clients need it, and there's nothing illegal or disgraceful about it. As long as there's a demand for male escorts, the industry will continue to thrive and provide opportunities for aspiring males and their discerning clients.