3 Tips to Improve Sexual Intimacy with your Partner

One of the best parts of hosting a radio show all about sex and sexuality, is learning from the best sex educators in the business. So many people ask us for tips and tricks that we often feel like educators ourselves. Well, we certainly have lots of sexual experience and we can share some of the things we've learned on our show that we've tested ourselves. 

Here are 3 for more intimacy:

1. Go down town!

Oral sex isn’t just about what goes on between your legs — it’s more about interacting with your partner at a very intimate level. And it's a perfect opportunity to practice your listening skills too. Great communication makes for a happy sex life . 

Nervous about talking about sex? Here's a few tips.

  • Choose a neutral time to talk about sex. Don’t try talking about it during sex or right after you’ve finished. And if you find that “the talk” leads to you feeling a little sexier, then go for it.
  • Be honest — but remember to be sensitive too. Sex is a very personal, so be tactful. Remind your partner of their strengths before you go into their weaknesses. And, mention all the things you love about your sex life together.
  • Use “I” and "in my opinion" as much as possible so your partner doesn't feel like they're the 'problem'.

2. Take out your toys!

A few sex toys may be just what the doctor ordered to spice up your sex life. Vibrating toys can heat things up and even intensify orgasms. This is an ideal opportunity to express your likes and dislikes in bed. Some couples benefit from mutual stimulation by wearing a couple's toy like We-Vibe during intercourse. It gives the simultaneous vibrations against both the G-Spot and the clitoris. Many other vibrating toys, of all shapes and sizes, can be used for vulva stimulation and/or vaginal penetration.

Try out different toys to find out what feels best for you.

3. Touch everything else but the genitals!

Start off touching everything else but the genitals, and then slowly work your way there.
We all have the tendency to rush straight for the hot spot, but this type of routine can get predictable. So practice taking your time to play with your partner’s whole body for the first few minutes of sex play. Rub all around your partner’s thighs and let your hair, breath or cheeks teasingly brush up against their genitals, but don’t feel the need to start rubbing, fingering or grabbing right away. Tease a little and see how long you can last before they start thrusting/begging for more.

Hopefully you’ll discover some new sensations that turn them on and maybe even a few new hot spots along the way.

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