Dr. Leslie Hamilton

Dr. Leslie Hamilton, is a marriage and family therapist, mental performance coach, author, teacher and speaker. She is passionate about helping people to lose the things that hold them back from living their best life possible. Her work draws from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive-behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, attachment theory, trauma research, positive psychology, and the study of mindfulness. Her goal is to identify and remove limitations, improve connection, and increase focus, calm, purpose and joy. http://www.drleslie.co/

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September 6, 2018

Do you want a better, more intimate sex life through deeper connections with your partner? What if you can create a better sex life by figuring out what’s blocking you from having the best sex possible? Join us as we chat with Dr Leslie Hamilton about how you can create a better sex life. It might be as simple as resetting your mind and unblocking the gateway to better sex. Change your mind, change your life!