Womanizer Premium - Revolutionary Sex Toy for Her

Enjoy being yourself.

With womanizer you can be who you are, embrace who you are, enjoy who you are. Feel great within your body and yourself. Because truly being yourself is freedom. This is our revolution: Making orgasms for women a standard.

Womanizer is for every woman. Because every woman is equal, and equally precious. We put you first. Womanizer is for you, designed around your body. We don’t want you to change. We’re not going to tell you how you should be. Start feeling free, start glowing.

How to use the womanizer

The Womanizer is placed on your clitoris, enclosing it. Find your intensity levels, lean back and enjoy a new and revolutionary kind of feeling. 

Most models of the Womanizer are 100 % waterproof, meaning that you can also use your Womanizer in the shower or bathtub.

Individual Experience

The Womanizer experience is individual. It differs from person to person. There are no set rules in its usage. Experiment with it and find out what you like best. It was invented to be placed on the clitoris, however you might want to discover more your labia or your nipples. Explore your body and discover what you like.


  • ✔ Revolutionary contactless stimulation
  • ✔ (Multiple) orgasms like never before!
  • ✔ 2 year warranty
  • ✔ Choice of models & stimulation heads
  • ✔ A masterpiece of German engineering


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