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Throws of Passion Waterproof Pleasure Blanket - Reversible Brown/Beige

Maximize your orgasms, and just let go!

The Throws of Passion Waterproof Pleasure Blanket guarantees to keep your sheets dry -- no matter how wet it gets! Protect your mattress from all types of massage oils, silicone lube, and beyond.

So just throw it down....and get it on… and get lost in your very own throes of passion! Then toss it aside and bask in the after-glow of great sex, in warm, dry sheets.  

The all-new Naked Fleece provides a soft and sexy playscape, while the Stay-Dri Barrier protects your bed, your couch, and even your carpet.

It’s machine washable, large enough to cover a king size bed, yet light enough to travel discreetly.

Get your's today.


  • New ultra soft Naked Fleece with enhanced moisture management
  • Stay-Dri Technology – 100% waterproof -
  • Guarantees to keep any surface dry
  • Non-slip material helps it to stay in place – no bunching or slipping
  • Jumbo size 60” x 80” – light weight – folds up small for travel
  • Machine wash – tumble dry
  • Reversible - Brown/Beige


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