The Sexy Lifestyle

It’s time to form a sexual EVOLUTION.
Everyone wants to be loved and everyone wants to be a great lover. However, our sources of sexual knowledge are fragmented. The pieces are scattered under blankets, in hear-say, porn positions and misinformation on the internet. People are eager to learn and want to know more about healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships but can get lost in scattered sexual resources that don’t truly serve their needs. The Sexy Lifestyle is where the fragmented pieces of our sexual knowledge can join to create a full picture of human sexuality Through shared ideas, experiences, expertise, supportive products, resources and communities, we offer an uncensored platform that is open, compassionate and safe. We believe great sex matters. Tackling this issue one at a time can be challenging but together, we can recognize and appreciate the many ways that sexuality expresses itself, and help people reach their full sexual potential.
With a desire to learn and develop a new sexual vocabulary, The Sexy Lifestyle platform shares information and firsthand experiences through a vast network of diverse offerings on The Sexy Lifestyle Talk Radio Network. Listeners can discover more from a village of sexperts and published information on sexuality via our Great Sex Academy and uncover products, activities, businesses and communities within our supportive Business Directory. People finally have one resource they can look to that is professional, accepting, open and compassionate to discuss anything and everything to do with sex. Through a wide network that has organically evolved almost like a family, The Sexy Lifestyle brings everything sexy under one roof. Sexologists and sex educators can also now join as a single entity to reach millions—to refer others and be referred to.

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