22 Mar
Available 12:00am

Ever wanted to get all of your or your lady's holes stuffed to the max? Or wanted more than just a traditional 3-way or gang bang? Something to turn it up a notch? Well DP - double penetration - may be for you. In this episode, we'll discuss everything sexy about DP, including why men and women like DPs, how to do a DP alone and with your lovers, the many different sexual positions for DPs, and more. Plus, we'll reveal our "Trick of the Week," which is sure to get you and your lovers ready for your first or next DP. And, we'll respond to a listener question about one of your hosts' sexuality in this week's "Stump the Studs." If you've ever tried or wanted to try double penetration, this episode is for you and your lovers. Tune in and get all lubed-up and ready for Jamal and PolyRick to talk everything sexy about DP. Every one with a hole will want to hear this one!!!

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