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“Pillow Talk with Cheryl”

Intimate conversations about love , life and lust...

Get ready to get comfortable and have a real heart-to-heart talk with relationship and communications expert Cheryl about; what truly matters to you in the love life you have or the one you are looking to create!

Think about…all those honest, no-holds-barred, late-night talks you have ever had with someone you trusted, from the sleepovers when you were young discussing that serious crush with your BFF, to those first sparkling flirty chats with someone new, to the baring of your soul with a long-time lover. Or maybe, it’s just lying in bed alone dreaming about the love life you want to have and how you are going to make it happen! If you’ve been holding it in too long, wanting and waiting to talk about the way you really feel about romance…Cheryl is ready to help you challenge and change the way you approach your love life.

“Pillow Talk with Cheryl” takes you to a great open yet cozy place where you can reveal your inner most secrets, hopes and desires…with a warm, compassionate host who is there to help you foster the magic of real intimacy with frank and revealing dialogue. This interactive show is all about you, your voice, and how you want it heard.

That’s what “Pillow Talk with Cheryl” is all about .... intimate exchanges about dating, mating and relating. Cheryl will also be inviting relationship experts from around the world to join in the conversation all to help you choreograph your moves in the dance of love and communication ...in and out of the bedroom.

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Falling into joy by letting your body talk!

19 Feb

Available 12:00am

Have you ever met someone so full of joy that you wonder what drug they are on? Have you ever found yourself wishing for the day you find your inner peace and worried it will never happen?


Conni Ponturo

Conni Ponturo

Dr. Philip Morphew

Dr. Philip  Morphew

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Website: ttps://www.cherylbesner.com

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