Sexual Wellness and Entertainment. Hosting parties for sexual education and all around fun.

Business Type: Sexuality

Business Category: Accessories, ActiveWear, Alternative Lifestyles, Apps & Software, Automotive & Boats, Beauty, Books, Catering, Club, Conventions, Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetics, Dating, Electronics, Entertainment, Exhibitions, Family, Fitness, Food, Furniture, Kink & BDSM, LGBTQ, Luggage, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Press, Mens, Millennials, Music, Network Sponsor, Nutrition, Party Supplies, Personal Care, Photography, Pleasure Products, Podcast, Professional Services, Promotional Items, Relationships, Restaurant, Safe Sex, Seminars & Retreats, Sex Ed 101, Sexuality, Shopping, Show Sponsor, Social, Subscriptions, Toys & Games, Travel, Wedding & Bridal, Wellness

Website 1: http://www.blackintimacymatters.com

Website 2: http://shop.bedroomkandi.com/7697

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