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Are you ready to spice up your sex-life and live happy healthy and horny? Our goal is to initiate dialogue about sex, sexuality and the sexy lifestyle. Sometimes those discussions provoke more questions than answers. So we encourage you to ‘Ask Carol and David’ your most intimate questions. And sometimes, the same questions pop up repeatedly. So listen live to our weekly radio show, “The Sexy Lifestyle” on VoiceAmerica, to get full explanations of the answers shown below. Your comments and opinions are important to the discussion, so please share freely. Open your mind to great sex… because… Great Sex Matters!

What is Pegging all About?

The Sexy Lifestyle – episode: PUSHING BOUNDARIES – Jan 26, 2017 Is your backdoor open for play or closed for business only? Carol and David open the discussions about prostate play, rimming and pegging.

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